Executive Coaching

Get 30 hours of one-on-one support with Allovue staff to help advance your district’s finance goals and better prepare you to handle tough strategic conversations.
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    Introductory Goal-Setting

    Meet your coach and strategic partner, share your priorities, and set measurable goals for your district to strengthen and flex your finance muscle and catalyze your district to see real change this year.

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    Bi-Weekly Coaching

    Participate in lessons about education finance, check-in with your coach on the progress of your goals, or discuss topics that have come up recently that affect your district.

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    Strategic Financial Analyses

    Balance + coaching = powerful insights into your district’s spending. Elevate your district’s analytical abilities and communicate key information to district stakeholders.

“Executive coaching with Allovue is the equivalent of a professional golfer hiring a swing coach. I’m now better equipped to support my business office with a clearer understanding of the inner workings, ensuring that their efforts are aligned with my vision of change for the district.”

Partner SuperintendentNew York

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