Chart of Accounts

Allovue can help your district adjust your chart of accounts so that you can meet compliance and reporting requirements. Make your financial data work for you by cleaning up your chart of accounts to track what’s important.
  • Revision

    Allovue will review your current financial data and provide a summary of recommendations that include structural and process changes, as well as an evaluation of the district’s strategic plan to vastly improve your chart of accounts.

  • Implementation

    Get assistance implementing the chart of accounts recommendations and manual to your district’s ERP for successful district adoption. Allovue will provide quarterly evaluations of your new chart of accounts and address any gaps.

  • Embedding Goals

    Allovue can work with your district’s instructional leadership to embed district goals in an updated chart of accounts manual, allowing you to easily track dollars and have clearer reporting to stakeholders about spending on schools.

  • Usage Assessment

    If your chart of accounts data structure is strong, let Allovue retrain your staff on how to best use it to track budget and spending. After an assessment of your current state, we can provide quarterly monitoring to ensure your team is leveraging its full capacity.

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