Resource evaluation for K-12

With Balance Evaluate, you can examine the distribution of expenditures against underlying drivers and performance measures.
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    Stakeholder Engagement

    A knowledgeable public is a more engaged public. Help each local community understand how their school’s expenditures compare to the district average and peer schools, as well as trends in spending and top vendors.

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    Equitable does not mean equal; we recognize that varied student populations require different resources. Provide K-12 district administrators crucial insights into resource equity across their district, spurring actionable next steps.

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    Spending Efficacy

    Connect budgets and expenditures—by source, location, and targeted student group—to performance metrics and other non-financial indicators. Understand the relationship between spending across locations and school-based initiatives and practices that impact student learning and drive costs.

Balance Evaluate is a suite of services that includes:

School Profiles

Review tailored, regularly updated public profiles for each school to better understand budgets and spending patterns at the school-level and in comparison to district averages.

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Equity Reports

Analyze actual spending by location, student characteristics, academic performance, and other factors to better understand whether resource allocation processes are supporting fiscal equity.

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Analyze relationships between non-financial outcomes and your investments and allocations using all of the power of Balance Manage’s filters.

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