Streamline communications and improve transparency

Balance Evaluate makes it easy to understand and compare the distribution of expenditures across all schools in a district against the underlying equity drivers.
SMART Pathways

SMART Pathways

When district stakeholders have access to school expenditures, spending trends, and per-pupil metrics in a format that makes sense, they can better support and champion the district’s initiatives. Learn more about how the SMART Pathways can move your district to holistic and sustainable financial management.

A knowledgeable public is a more engaged public

Help community members understand how their school’s expenditures compare to the district average and similar schools to encourage transparency and improve resource equity. See what schools are buying by viewing vendor summaries and know where the money comes from with access to funding sources.

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Is it equitable or just equal?

Varied student populations require different resources to be effective. Access crucial insights into resource equity across your district, spurring actionable next steps.

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See how your district’s spending directly impacts student learning

Get interactive visualizations that show the relationship between spending and student outcomes and see which per-pupil metrics drive costs in your district.

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Advancing equity

Balance Evaluate provides your district with powerful insights into whether your district’s spending patterns and resource strategies are working to advance fiscal equity. Learn how Allovue helps districts create sustainable financial management strategies.

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