District budgeting made easy

Balance Budget makes it easy to collaboratively develop staffing and spending plans aligned to district goals.
SMART Pathways

SMART Pathways

When budget owners have control over the dollars allocated and spent at their school or department and can connect them to outcome-based goals, districts can better support the needs of students. Learn more about how the SMART Pathways can move your district to holistic and sustainable financial management.

Create staffing plans that reflect your district’s goals

Calculate salaries and benefits with the right account codes based on FTE and job titles within a staffing plan that accurately reflects personnel positions and dollar allocations. An accurate staffing plan is the key to a balanced budget and precise spending forecasts.

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Build budgets that make sense for K-12 districts

Bridge the gap between strategic planning and budget review with instant access to inputs from multiple budget builders across various departments. Build budgets centered around resources instead of account codes while retaining the ability to analyze budgets by segment and import into your financial system. Assign stakeholders to build specific budgets or designate budgets as read-only. When administrators have visibility into their budgets there is a sense of shared accountability.

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See position funding status and put your dollars where they belong

House all your staff rosters in one place to encourage inter-departmental collaboration as you build and fund your budgets. Split-funding positions is easy, even across federal grants and general fund dollars. Identify over-assigned employees and underfunded positions at a glance with powerful reporting and filtering - no spreadsheets required.

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Success Story

Indianapolis Public Schools

See how Indianapolis Public Schools used Balance Budget to improve their annual budget process and eliminated the dependency on the small central office finance team.

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