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ACES: Attribute Central Expenditures to Schools

ESSA Financial Reporting. Simplified.

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Is your district equitably allocating resources to schools? The financial reporting regulation in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) aims to help answer this question, but calculating per-pupil actual expenditures by school can be tedious and time-consuming because of legacy accounting practices that lack school-level detail.

ACES makes it easy for your district to get ahead of ESSA finance reporting requirements by creating attribution rules that make sense for your district’s needs.

Let ACES help your district or state:

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Create ESSA-Friendly Reports with Ease

Get ahead of the compliance curve by calculating per-pupil actual expenditures by school with ACES’ simple interface and easy import/export functionality.

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Improve Resource Equity

Expand this analysis beyond the basic ESSA requirements to evaluate resource equity at your district and make data-informed resource allocations decisions to best support the needs of students.

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Understand Your Financial Data

Identify opportunities for deeper understanding of correlations between financial data and school-level performance, program effectiveness, equity, and more.

ACES will show how dollars are flowing to students today in order to facilitate community conversations about resource inequity. With information at your fingertips, your district will have new opportunities to better distribute resources so every student has what they need to succeed.

States creating custom attribution rules for districts can also use ACES to test decisions as they refine their approach to reporting per-pupil expenditures.

How it works

  • Upload your general ledger accounts data, chart of accounts, and non-financial metrics into ACES to isolate your centrally purchased personnel, goods, and services.
  • Using common or custom attribution rules, ACES’ easy to follow step-by-step instructions will allow you to see the fully attributed per-pupil expenditures across schools in your district or state.
Learn more about ACES by downloading our frequently asked questions.
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Are Your Finances Ready for ESSA?

Reporting school-level financial data will invite new questions from parents, principals, and the broader community about where resources are being spent and why. School districts need to be empowered to understand the distribution of funding to their schools.

Achieving fiscal equity requires that districts understand the varying needs of students and schools, and supply the unique resources needed for all students to succeed.

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Need help understanding the components of the ESSA financial regulations?

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