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Allovue Launches Balance 2.0

Allovue is pleased to announce Balance 2.0, an advanced version of their flagship product.

Baltimore, MD June 3, 2016

Baltimore education finance technology company Allovue is proud to announce that its highly anticipated follow-up, Balance 2.0 is now live. The new version contains advancements in both in its functional and aesthetic design, allowing school districts greater ease when analyzing budgets.

“The Allovue team has been exceptional as they responded to the needs of our school leaders,” said School Finance Resident for New Haven Public Schools and member of the Broad Residency Class of 2014 Siddhartha Chowdri, “They listened to our feedback and upgraded their product accordingly. The turnaround time in incorporating our thoughts was amazing.”

Balance 2.0 Accounts Page

After a year of growth and adoption in schools across the country, including New Haven Public Schools, Indianapolis Public Schools, and Santa Ana Unified School District, Allovue leveraged the user feedback necessary to improve the product, while keeping the user experience the first priority.

Enhancements in Balance 2.0 include a new dashboard with user-friendly visualizations, improved search features and summary reports. Balance, Allovue’s original platform for financial analysis for K-12 public school districts, launched last year. These updates in both design and function will allow our district partners to perform more sophisticated analysis, faster than ever before.

Balance 2.0 Scatterplot Example

“For over a year, our team worked on Balance internally, sharing design documents and concepts with customers and investors,” said Allovue Chief Executive Officer and founder Jess Gartner, d “The best part of releasing Balance to our first customer in June 2015 was getting crucial feedback from our most important audience: district and school administrators using the product every day. We are proud that Balance 2.0 represents a huge leap forward in education finance tools, and we could not have built it without the insights of our partners.”

About Allovue

Allovue combines the power of financial technology with education data, empowering K-12 administrators to connect spending to student achievement. Their flagship product Balance integrates with existing backend financial data systems to help district officials, principals, and other school administrators to access, analyze, and take action on their budgets and spending.