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The Future of Education Finance Summit is a one-day event that brings education finance professionals and district leaders to network, learn, and discuss the future of education finance.

By sharing research, policy studies, and district implementation strategies, the Future of Education Finance Summit will help education leaders make informed financial decisions for their schools and their students.

Join education finance peers and trailblazers and navigate the checkpoints and challenges of creating sustainable resource strategies for school districts. Using Allovue's SMART Pathways for Student Success as a guide, travel the five pathways and learn best practices from those who’ve traversed similar courses.

  • Site Level Autonomy Illustration

    Site Level Autonomy

    Budget owners have control over the dollars spent at their location and are provided the corresponding professional development needed to ensure their success.

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    The district has the right processes, people, and tools in place to ensure that budget owners are held accountable and prepared for strategic spending.

  • Alignment of Spending to Goals Illustration

    Alignment of Spending to Goals

    The district has clearly articulated outcomes-based goals that are tied to dollars, with the appropriate infrastructure in place to monitor and update resource allocation decisions regularly.

  • Resource Equity Illustration

    Resource Equity

    Dollars are allocated to schools based on student needs. The allocation methods are transparent and updated annually to account for changing student populations.

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    Every district stakeholder has access to district’s allocation method, site-based budgets, and actual expenditures. This information is easily accessible and understandable for the school and district community.

Watch Allovue CEO and Founder, Jess Gartner, discuss the SMART Pathways and learn how they can help your district improve your financial management process here.

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