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For Superintendents

We can help you access the financial data you need to make budgetary decisions for your K-12 district.
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With Allovue you can...
  • Engage Community

    Confidently access and share financial information with your community to demonstrate progress.

  • Evaluate Effectiveness

    Do you know which district programs are effective? Analyze program cost and determine which initiatives create opportunities for students.

  • Make Strategic Decisions

    Access accounts information including budget, expenditures, encumbrances, and available funds to make strategic decisions.

  • Ensure Equity

    Are resource inequities contributing to differences in student learning? Ensure that your highest need students are receiving an equitable share of resources.

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“Allovue’s solutions provide more meaningful analysis and reporting, allowing MCPS to keep our finger on the pulse of financial information for the district in real-time.”

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Dr. Chris Marczak, Superintendent Maury County Public Schools

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