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For District Administrators

We can help district administrators build capacity, access financial data and strategically spend.
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With Allovue you can...
  • Build Capacity

    Improve your understanding of financial data analysis and management with our training, webinar series, and one-on-one live support.

  • Get Answers

    Having readily available account balances and purchasing information is vital for school and department-level decision making. You’ll be able to find the data you’re looking for in seconds without looking up long account codes.

  • Collaborate with Peers

    Work with colleagues and the finance department to understand how your allocations and spending compare to others in the district and make informed decisions.

  • Plan Spending

    Make sure you never leave grant money on the table or overdraw your accounts again. Create an annual plan for your spending and monitor purchases all year long.

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“The power of having Balance at KCPS is going to be allowing budget owners to see their financial information and plan accordingly. Ultimately the students will benefit.”

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Dr. Anthony Lewis, Assistant Superintendent of School Leadership Kansas City Public Schools

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