Free Resource Allocation Services for Your District

Allovue is here to help school districts direct and repurpose resources during these challenging times. Our free Community Allocation Response Team Services (CARTS) are available to support districts nationwide. CARTS can help your district procure and deliver resources to students and staff during closures, model resource allocation scenarios to prepare for revenue changes as a consequence of the crisis, and provide guidance to help your district decide what happens next.

Resource Requisition

School closures present new and unique challenges for procurement and resource delivery. This free offering includes a collaborative tool that serves as a central repository for purchasing requests and approved expenses related to COVID-19.

Need to get supplies and materials to students and staff? Leave it to CARTS.

Allocation Review

Resource allocation models can help districts prepare for revenue changes. This free offering includes two hours of 1-on-1 support from an education finance expert. Together, you’ll use Allovue’s tools to model and plan for the impact of revenue change on budgeted dollars and resources for schools.

Anticipating changes to revenue for Fiscal Year ‘21? Let’s walk through the scenarios.

Strategic Consulting

Time with a thought partner can bring the perspective you need to tackle unprecedented challenges. This free offering includes a two hour session with our Budget Director-In-Residence. You’ll get input on responding to crisis-related needs like revising your budgeting process or repurposing underspent funds.

Looking for advice on budgeting and finance operations? We’re here to be a thought partner.

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Amazon Business and Allovue

Allovue is pleased to collaborate with Amazon Business on a new effort to help preK-12 districts get essential in-home learning items to students. With over 50MM students now learning remotely, Amazon Business developed the Distance Learning Hub as a resource center for preK-12 institutions to continue their educational mission. On the Hub, educators can purchase prioritized education supplies, access a new tool that can fast-track allocating relief funds to teachers in the district, as well as activate flexible, multi-location delivery options to get physical and digital resources quickly to students.

A COVID-19 Resource Requisition & Expense Tracking Tool.
Totally Free.

This online, collaborative requisition tool makes it easy to request, approve, and track expenses for crisis response resources like books, online curriculum, supplies, and devices. Expenses are conveniently logged to support reimbursements or grant requests for relief funding in the future.

Here's how it works

Principals request supplies and services based on teacher and student needs. Central office reviews, edits, and approves requests in real-time. Then, districts can request these resources from internal warehouse inventory and preferred service providers. An Allovue team member will work side-by-side with your district as you process requests to deliver resources directly to school, student, and staff addresses.



Principals request supplies/services based on teacher and student need.



Central office reviews, edits, and approves these requests in real-time.



Together, principals and central office determine the source for requested supplies.



Supplies and materials are delivered to schools or directly to homes.

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