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The Secret to Effectively Streamlining Your District's HR Processes

Maximize the efficiency of your district's HR processes without managing multiple spreadsheets.

80-85% of a school district’s budget is personnel and budgeting and managing this subset of funds can be complex and time-consuming. Imagine having your benefits packages, staffing rosters and displaced employees at your fingertips? Balance Budget makes that a reality and transforms methods that relied on spreadsheets or wall-sized whiteboards into a one-stop-shop of convenience and accuracy for HR professionals and CFOs. That’s right- no more ‘lists’, and no more siloed information spread amongst various members of your district.


How many benefits packages does your district maintain? I’ve worked in school districts that had several distinct benefit packages for instructional staff, support staff, and even transportation staff. With Budget the ease of determining which package aligns with each employee group is simple and editable within minutes, allowing you to better estimate benefit spending.

Balance Budget shows all of your district’s benefit packages at a glance

Staff Rosters

As a prior district HR Director, using excel spreadsheets was the norm when detailing district and individual school staff rosters.

  • Do you use spreadsheets, ERP reports, or some other form of documentation?
  • How many different personnel have access and how can you ensure consistency in data entry?

Balance Budget houses all of your staff rosters in one place, engendering consistent data entry and allowing for inter-departmental collaboration as rosters are built and funded.

Say ‘goodbye’ to spreadsheets and ‘hello’ to school or district staffing rosters at your fingertips. Easily identify your funded, unfunded, and partially funded positions to see exactly where your dollars need to go.

Displaced Employees

As funding for districts decreases, the need to move staff from one location to another increases. Sometimes staff are put into holding patterns by these decreases through reductions in force, building closings, and even dwindling enrollment.

  • How does your district manage such changes and updates?
  • Can you easily identify where your district’s employees are located, place them when a vacancy occurs, and reduce your need to keep yet another “list”?

With Balance Budget, you can.

With Balance Budget, quickly identify displaced employees to help you fill vacant positions.

How has Allovue been able to understand the nuances of HR processes and position control? Allovue is built around a team of K12 educators who have walked the same paths our districts tread AND we only partner with K12 school districts and charter schools. Want to learn more or see a demo of how partnering with Allovue can systematically enhance your HR processes? Reach out to me at

About the Author

Image of Howard Kutcher Howard Kutcher currently serves as an Account Executive working closely with prospective partners to select the best Allovue solutions to meet their needs for more effective resource allocation. During his past 34 years in public service, Dr. Howard Kutcher has earned a reputation as an educator and a leader. Previously, he was a human resources executive with Harford County Public Schools and Newark (NJ) Public Schools, as well as Director of Admissions and Organizational Development for New Leaders for New Schools. Additionally, Howard has served as a paratrooper, First Sergeant in the US Army Special Operations group; a teacher in Camden, NJ; and a Principal of both elementary and middle schools.