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Meet Allovue: Micaela Perez Ferrero, Business Development Specialist

Micaela has been leading the charge in helping prospective districts get to know Balance. Get to know her and what drives her to help students nationwide.

Welcome to Allovue, Mica!

Describe a day in the life of the Business Development Specialist.

I like to start my days early –around 6 am most mornings. I enjoy being one of the first people in the office to have a little quiet time before the hustle and bustle begins. (I used to do this as a teacher as well; no one uses the copy machine at 6:30 am!) I spend most of my mornings working on lead generation or projects with Allovue’s Director of Sales, Laura Nord. My afternoons are usually filled with various meetings or preparing for upcoming conferences. After work, I like to go for a walk (usually to Target), cook dinner, and relax (generally by watching “Chopped”)!

You mentioned you were a teacher before joining Allovue. Why is working in education important to you?

I grew up understanding the value of education. While serving as a teaching assistant in high school, I saw the stark differences between the students taking AP Language and those in remedial English: the majority of the students in the AP class were white, while those in the remedial class were students of color. It was during this experience that I decided to focus my career on ensuring educational equity for all students.

In college, I volunteered with a few Baltimore City schools and continued to see how students of color and from low-income communities so often did not have the resources they needed to learn and excel. This inspired me to teach, and upon graduation, I taught middle school Spanish in a low-income school in Baltimore County. It is indeed because of the incredible students I’ve encountered that I continue to be in education. Despite the obstacles and challenges many of them faced, they were bright, eager to learn, and remarkable individuals. Everything I do today, I do for them.

So now that you’ve left your teaching role, how will your new role support your efforts to improve the opportunities available to public school students nationwide?

In my role, I’ll get to interact with the leaders in education who are also passionate about helping students succeed. As I learn how various districts are striving to achieve student success, and share with them the benefits of letting Balance help to advance their efforts, I’ll play a meaningful role in ensuring that our kids receive the resources they need.

How can Balance advance a districts’ efforts to maximize student outcomes? How will it help them solve their day-to-day challenges?

I like to think of Balance as our district’s go-to best friend. When they need to create their budgets, Balance Budget helps them do so in a streamlined and efficient system. When they need to track their spending or share with their principals where they have extra funding, Balance Manage is quick to give them detailed, and easy to read and share reports. And when they want to determine how they can more equitably allocate resources to students to drive student success, Balance Evaluate provides them with transparent, comprehensive data. At the end of the day, school districts and Balance go hand in hand.

What the biggest challenge you face in your role?

From what I have learned and observed so far, one of the most significant challenges in the role is helping potential customers feel comfortable with and empowered by our tools and services. Many districts have processes for creating and managing their budgets that they’ve used for years. Anything new always feels foreign. But in my role, I strive to break down Balance so that potential customers can see just how easy it is to use. And not only is it easy, but Balance also allows customers to build and manage their budgets more strategically.

What would you like to be known for?

I’d like to be known for my commitment to serving others. I’d also want to pass on my life motto: in the end, everything will be okay. And if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.

You’re stranded on a desert island - what three things do you bring?

My mom, unlimited drinkable water, and bug spray.

Image of Micaela Perez Ferrero

Mica’s passion to help students in and out of the classroom makes her the perfect complement to our team!

Say hello or ask her a Balance question at micaela@allovue.com