4 Steps to Move Your District from Data to Insight

This blog post reviews questions K-12 districts can ask about spending and four strategies to measure how advanced your district is in connecting strategy to implementation.

At Allovue, we work with school districts to uncover rich data leading to actionable insights. With a software platform like Balance, we have the ability to update data nightly. With ready access to financial data, we can evaluate where districts and schools stand at any point in the year. If your district isn’t there yet, halfway through the year is a good place to start.

Lean Into Insights

Recently, we conducted a mid-year analysis of spending across the districts in Balance. The findings revealed insightful information centered around the following questions we encourage all school districts to explore:

Evaluating Burn Rates

  • How much of their Discretionary funds has each school spent?
  • How much of their Title I funds has each school spent?
  • Are schools spending on pace, too slow, or too fast?

Understanding Purchasing Patterns

  • What are schools using Discretionary and Title I funds to purchase?

Finding Purpose in Spending

  • Is Discretionary and Title I spending truly helping staff and students?
  • How do we rethink resource allocation decisions to adapt to changing student, school, and community needs?

Transform Your School District

The field of education finance is at a critical inflection point. Regardless of the scope of implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), school districts and partner organizations across the country are motivated to make every dollar work for their students.

Right now, most school districts are deeply involved in planning next year’s budget. However, there are ways to take action now in regard to spending.

Select the link below to view four areas that can be used to analyze financial spending and gather insights to inform district strategy.

Interested in learning more about how to track spending? We’ve spent years developing innovative financial management and budget solutions so that school districts can conduct real-time financial analysis. Contact us to learn more.

About the Author

Image of Rosalyn Curato Rosalyn Curato is the Chief Customer Officer at Allovue, Inc. Previously, she worked at Afton Partners, helping startup schools evaluate the financial and operational considerations involved with implementing blended learning, and supporting school districts with their strategic priorities such as student-based budgeting and district redesign. Before her foray into education, Rosalyn spent six years at Citigroup focused on special projects related to the subprime crisis and received an accelerated promotion to Vice President within the Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions team.