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Infographic: 3 Things We Learned About Back-to-School Spending

With all the hype around back-to-school spending, Allovue investigated how schools in our partner districts allocated and spent their resources in the weeks leading up to the first day of school.


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Actionable Data = Real Time Analysis

If you’ve ever tried to locate school district financial data, you’ve likely noticed they are consistently out-of-date. By the time these numbers are pulled, scrubbed, and analyzed, the data is often at least one year old.

Our team at Allovue is highly motivated by this lag in accurate district financials. What would happen if we viewed current district data and analyzed spending patterns right away? How could that change decision-making behavior at school districts?

Interested in learning more about how to track spending?

We’ve spent years developing innovative financial management and budget solutions so that school districts can conduct real-time financial analysis.

About the Author

Image of Rosalyn Curato

Rosalyn Curato is the Chief Customer Officer at Allovue. Previously, she worked at Afton Partners, helping startup schools evaluate the financial and operational considerations involved with implementing blended learning, and supporting school districts with their strategic priorities such as student-based budgeting and district redesign. Before her foray into education, Rosalyn spent six years at Citigroup focused on special projects related to the subprime crisis and received an accelerated promotion to Vice President within the Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions team.