Our team is your team

Allovue's products and services are built by educators, for educators. Our team is made up of experienced K-12 district leaders, finance managers, product specialists, and technologists.
  • Jess Gartner's Photo
    Jess Gartner CEO & Founder
  • Jason Becker's Photo
    Jason Becker Chief Product Officer
  • Rosalyn Curato's Photo
    Rosalyn Curato Chief Customer Officer
  • Jake Mauer's Photo
    Jake Mauer Director of Design
  • Crystal Coache's Photo
    Crystal Coache Director of Talent and Operations
  • Maggie Lubberts's Photo
    Maggie Lubberts Director of Product Management
  • Paul Ostazeski's Photo
    Paul Ostazeski Director of Development
  • Kate Kotaska's Photo
    Kate Kotaska Senior District Partner
  • Cory Edmonds's Photo
    Cory Edmonds District Partner
  • Hannah Kang's Photo
    Hannah Kang Associate District Partner
  • Laura Lea Rand's Photo
    Laura Lea Rand Senior Project Manager
  • Laura Nord's Photo
    Laura Nord Director of Sales
  • Autumn Dorsey's Photo
    Autumn Dorsey Sales & Marketing Specialist
  • Micaela Perez Ferrero's Photo
    Micaela Perez Ferrero Business Development Specialist
  • Jessica Garrett's Photo
    Jessica Garrett Communications Manager
  • Filippo Bulgarelli's Photo
    Filippo Bulgarelli Senior Data Associate
  • Lolo Zhang's Photo
    Lolo Zhang Visual Designer
  • Brandyn Bennett's Photo
    Brandyn Bennett Software Engineer
  • Dianne Eramo's Photo
    Dianne Eramo Software Engineer
  • Mark Olson's Photo
    Mark Olson Software Engineer
  • Charly Smith's Photo
    Charly Smith Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Patrick Duffy's Photo
    Patrick Duffy Data Associate

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