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Balance Features
Account Filtering

Account Filtering

Slice and dice financial data to analyze spending by year, fund, category, and program — or any other segment of your district’s chart of accounts.

Smart Search

Smart search

No more memorizing thousands of account codes. Find the accounts you’re looking for in plain English.

Nightly Updates

Nightly updates

Balance integrates with your existing backend data systems to provide daily updates on accounts and transactions.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis

Analyze spending in the context of non-financial metrics, such as attendance rates, student achievement data, and demographic data.

Custom Views

Custom views

Keep tabs on a particular grant, object code, or another expenditure with our Bookmarks feature. Log in and with one click, your analysis is in front of you.

Realtime Support

Real-time support

Call one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer success associates, live chat with us in Balance, or attend one of our in-person training sessions.

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We’ll show you the money

Visually identify areas of overspending and underspending at a glance

See the results

Plot spending for specific programs and services alongside performance indicators

Implementation Process

90 Day Onramp

From Kickoff to Launch, our customer success team will ensure a smooth on-boarding process across your district

Data Integration

We’ll work with any backend financial system you currently have - yes, even that one.


Our product helps you access data. Our customer success team will help you use it.

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