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Balance Users Share Success Stories

At Allovue, we understand that everyone’s a little different. That’s why we designed our online platform Balance to be an effective tool for any user in a school district—not just those in the central office.

This month’s user spotlight features two people in different roles at different school districts both using Balance to accomplish their goals. Laura Larimer is the IT Director for Indianapolis Public Schools. Bess Marra is a business manager at Mauro-Sheridan School in New Haven, CT. We asked them what it’s like in their district, how Balance supports their work, and what most excites them about their job.

How long have you worked in education?

Laura, IT Director:

  • I’m celebrating 2 years in K-12 education after working in higher ed for over 7 years. Education was in my blood from an early age. One summer I helped as my mother opened the first Head Start program in my community. I “taught” dance.

Bess, Business Manager:

  • I’ve been in education for over 11 years. I began as a volunteer when my children attended school, and then worked part-time in the science department, and eventually worked my way to becoming business manager.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?


  • There is always a wealth of things that can be made better. Seems like the more you get done, the longer the list becomes!


  • Making sure everyone has what they need. Teachers want every supply they can get. I tell students to conserve pencils, not lose them! I help teachers keep their printing under control. I try to make it all work.

How has Balance helped your day-to-day work?


  • I can’t begin to express how much Balance has empowered me to run my department more effectively! I have immediate access to my accounts so I can plan for future projects. I can do this from the office or off-site, during working hours or when the whim hits me during a 3AM insomnia moment. I am no longer dependent on others to get me the information that I need.


  • With Balance, I can plan ahead. I am able to maximize all of our dollars. It has helped to know that bills are being paid on a specific date and exactly what is being paid. Even today, I had an inquiry from a vendor who was anticipating a payment that they needed immediately, and I was able to see in Balance that a check had been cut. It makes my life easier by taking the guesswork out.

What’s one thing you want other people to know about Balance?


  • Balance has given me the insight to make the most of limited resources. And the training and online chat support is world-class. If I run into a question, I can chat and get an answer on the spot.


  • As I continue using Balance, I can strategize how to use my money, rather than simply doing the same thing over and over. Having access to this information is a wonderful gift.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful search features, Balance allows every user to access and analyze financial data in order to make the best decisions, regardless of location or job title. So whether you’re planning the district’s technology purchasing or placing an order for classroom supplies, Balance has you covered.

For more information about Allovue, please contact us at: hello@allovue.com

September 20, 2016