July 17 Baltimore, MD
The Future of Education Finance Summit 2017
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Student success is the bottom line.

Allovue empowers education leaders to make the best resource allocation decisions for students.

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"I can’t begin to express how much Allovue has empowered me 
to run my department more effectively! I now have immediate access to my financial account status and detail so I can plan for future projects and expenditures!”

Laura Larimer
Information Technology Officer,

Indianapolis Public Schools

Common District Challenges

  • Accessing financial data quickly and easily
  • Implementing site-based budgeting and autonomy
  • Insufficient training for budget managers
  • Overspending or underspending of budgeted dollars
  • Ensuring fiscal equity for all students
  • Aligning spending to district outcomes

Is Allovue the right partner for you?

  • Image of a billfold made of dollar bills

    Understand every dollar

  • Image of a green hand

    Training for budget managers

  • Image of a parchment with a magnifying glass

    Connect spending to outcomes

  • Image of a balanced scale

    Ensure equity for all students

$15,718,536,218 currently in Balance

Allovue Partners

  • A for Arizona
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Coachella Valley Unified School District
  • Pueblo County School District 70
  • People's Preparatory Charter School
  • Education For Change Public Schools
  • Education Resource Strategies
Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Kansas City Public Schools
  • Kent School District
  • Maury County Public Schools
  • Orange County Schools
  • Pivot Learning Partners
  • Santa Ana Unified School District

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