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Student success
is the bottom line

Allovue helps you allocate resources so you can focus on district goals.

education leaders

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Ensure that every financial decision maker in your district has quick and easy access to financial data.

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Analyze how resources are allocated across student groups, and see how spending impacts performance and goals.

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Make data-driven decisions about spending to increase operational efficiency and drive student success.

Introducing EdFinTech

Allovue was founded by educators, for educators. We combine the power of financial technology with education data, giving administrators the power to connect spending to student achievement.

See Our Solution

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Balance by Allovue

Balance streamlines budgets, vendor transactions, general ledger balances, and other accounting data into a single dashboard. Review balances, monitor transactions, analyze trends, forecast spending, and create a custom dashboard with just a few clicks.

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User-friendly design

Balance has an intuitive design that educators love, backed by financial data that accountants can trust.

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Meaningful Monitoring

Never leave grant money on the table again, and keep all accounts in balance. Bookmark accounts to monitor grants, and alert administrators to accounts in deficit.

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Thoughtful Spending

Financial transparency unlocks talent. Giving administrators access to financial data empowers them to make better spending decisions.

$15,718,536,218.78 currently in Allovue Balance
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